Eugene Millet
19th C., French

The Noon Resting Time
19th C., French

1873, etching, 8x6 1/2, plate signed

Playing Quoits
19th C., French

1873, etching, 5x9


Cabin by the Fjord
1842-1914, Norwegian

This is an incredibly detailed, atmospheric Norwegian landscape of a small cabin at the edge of a fjord, the distant hills fading into a soft morning mist. It is painted in oil on panel, 11 x 16 inches, 1871, clearly signed "A Rasmussen 71" in the lower right corner, in an ornate period gilt frame.


The Strabismic Jew
1922-2000, American

This is a very striking original woodcut, the image size is 41 x 22 1/2 inches, published in 1955, cat: Fern & O'Sullivan- 259, pencil signed and titled, inscribed "For Jay & Moe", framed. Baskin was an important artist in the mid 20th century, known for his evocative woodcuts, lithographs, and etchings. Baskin attended Yale University School of Fine Arts and after a three year stint in the Navy, studied art under the GI Bill, traveling to France and Italy.


Old Bridge at Dumfries, Scotland
1844-1920, American

Drawing, image size 9 1/4 x 15 3/4 inches, unsigned