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Bernard Joseph Steffen
1907-1980, American


Portrait of a Child
1893-1986, American

Oil on wood panel, circa 1960, image size 9 5/8 x 8 inches,


Mexican Women
1907-1982, British/American

"Mexican Women" is widely considered one of Nora Unwin's finest wood engravings, created in 1956 during a trip to Mexico. In this image, two women in shawls walk toward a church in San Miguel de Allende, one carrying a young child. The composition is a gorgeous balance of abstraction and realism, all delineated in Unwin's distinctive, precise style. In the McGoldrick catalog, Herbert Waters describes the image as " of the finest wood engravings made by any artist in the Western world. There are works of art in which complete mastery is present both in the whole and in every part.


Tulips and Fruit Stllife
1893-1986, American

Watercolor, image size 17 X 12 inches, pencil signed