Old Master Prints

Man Smoking and Drinking at a Window


A mezzotint with etching after a painting by Adriaen van Ostade. Dated below the image March 17th, 1774. Plate measures 10 3/4 x 9 3/8 inches on 11 1/2 x 9 1/2 inch paper. William Baillie, also known as "Captain William Baillie," was an irish printmaker known for hi works in the style of Rembrandt.

Sir Matthew Hale


This engraving by George Vertue of the Chief Justice, Sir Matthew Hale, measures 12 x 7 inches. Created in 1735 from an original painting by Michael Wright, it has inscribed on the lower margin "Michael Wright pinx.; From an Original painting in Guildhall, London; and George Vertue Sculp. 1735." Hale was a well-known and respected judge and jurist and his writings have been cited as recently as 1993.

The Great Mirror of Folly


This illustrative page from "The Great Mirror of Folly", 1720, was a volume of text with 76 engraved plates, documenting the international joint-stock scandal instigated by John Law. This great "Theater of Folly", representing the origin, progress, and downfall of the South Sea Bubble in France, England and Holland, is a collection of engraved plates with caricatures of the schemes of John Law and the Mississippi Company that lured clients to invest in establishing colonies in Louisiana and Canada with fatal results. Text below the image is in Dutch. An English description of the content of the book comes with this image.

Christ Standing in the Clouds, Surrounded by a Glory of Angels


This rare artist proof by John Sartain, after Forli, was published by William Young Ottley in Loudon, Sept 1, 1826. It measures 14 x 12 inches and is on medium weight paper. The images for this engraving were part of a paintng in fresco formerly in the Vault of the Church of S.S. Apostoli at Rome; and now preserved in the Palace at Monte-Cavallo. This information is printed on the lower margin with a plate number on the upper margin.