19th Century European

Environs De Rome

This is a fine example of the important etching by Jean Baptiste Corot. This etching is titled: Enviorns De Rome, it was created in 1866, this proof is the second state A. of three. Printed on Holland Paper, This printing had the addresses of:" Cadart and Luquet Editeurs, 79 Rue St Jacques 303 Paris" A rich impression, Catalog Delteil 6 II/III. Framed, previously sold by Kennedy Galleries in New York. The image size measures 11 1/4X8 1/2 inches.

Harlech No II

This is a rare original mezzotint by British artist, Sir Francis Seymour Haden. The title of this work is: "Harlech No II", it was created and printed in 1880. A combination of mezzotint, etching and drypoint, hand signed in pencil lower left border. This image appears in the Schneiderman catalog as image number 197. The image measures 8X11 3/4 inches. This is the V state of V.. This is a rarely seen image by Haden. Richly inked and printed.

On the Test

This is a very fine original etching and drypoint by British artist Sir Francis Seymour Haden. The title of this work is "On the Test", state VI/VIII. This etching was created in 1859 and its subject is one of the famous Trout streams in Hampshire. The image measures 5 15/16X 8 15/16 inches, pencil signed lower right and also signed in the plate. This appears in the Schneiderman catalog as image number 24.

Jeune fille au chat

This is an original drypoint etching by French artist Berthe Morisot. It is titled: "Jeune fille au chat", it was created in 1888. This was printed from the cancelled plate. There are two small holes drilled in the plate upper and lower edges of the image. The image measures 5 7/8X4 1/2 inches. This etching is unsigned as is typical of this image. It appears in the Keller catalog as image number 88. Printed on a medium weight wove type paper.

Portrait of a Noblewoman

This is an original pencil signed etching of a woman by French artist Charles L. Courtry (1846-1897) Weve been unable to identify the subject, the etching is hand signed in pencil by the artist lower right. Printed on a medium weight wove type paper. The image measures 17 1/2X14 3/4 inches.

Victoria Colonna

This is an original pencil signed etching by Feliks S. Jasinski. It is titled" Victoria Colonna" This etching was created after a painting by the Pre-Raphaelite artist
Jules Lefeb. The image measures 10 1/4X7 3/4 inches, the plate mark measures 15X11 1/2 inches. Signed lower right and remarqued with a profile portrait of a woman lower left. Printed on a medium weight laid type paper.

Zacharie Astruc

This is an original plate signed etching by French artist Felix Bracquemond. It is titled: Zacharie Astruc, This etching was published by Cadart in Paris. The image measures 6X5 1/4 inches, printed on a large sheet of watermarked laid type paper.

L'Enfant Prodigue

This is an original etching by French artist Jacques James Tissot. It is titled:" L'Enfant Prodigue", from the series The Prodigal son in modern life. "The fatted calf" This etching was from the first state of 2 in an edition of 100. This edition was done before the type set text under the image and this one is quite rare that it is also hand signed by the artist in the lower right corner as well as plate signed and stamped with the red seal in the lower left. The image measures 10 3/4X14 1/2 inches, the platemark measures 12 1/4X14 1/2 inches.

Une Mare

A drypoint etching from 1867. First state of three. Printed before lettering. Plate signed and dated in the upper left. Plate measures 9 1/4 x 6 1/2 inches on chine colle. A richly detailed print with ecstatic, intricate linework.

Iscrizioni delle Camere Sepolcrali

A drypoint etching by Giovanni Piranesi. The full title is "Iscrizioni nelle Camere sepolcrali de' Liberti, e Servi, ec. della Famiglia di Augusto," which means "Inscriptions in the burial chambers of the Liberti, and Servi, etc. of the Family of Augustus." Original Ferdinand Roten label on mat! From the series, "Le Antichita Romane." C. 1784. State III/III. Catalog: Ficacci 308. The plate measures 15 1/2 by 19 inches on 22 1/4 28 3/4 inch paper. Piranesi was an Italian artist and designer, best known for his series of etchings of Ancient Roman ruins, the "Vedute di Roma".