19th Century American

Beach Cottages

This is an original etching by American 19th century artist Blanche Dillaye. This view of seashore cottages has an image size of 5 1/2X8 1/8 inches. Nice use of plate tone. There is a stain upper right corner and the upper border has been trimmed to the platemark. A rare example by this important woman etcher, circa 1880

Snap the Whip

This is the original wood engraving, "Snap the Whip" after the painting by Winslow Homer. This image was from the 1873 printing in Harper's Weekly, this is a rare Double folio size which has the distinctive fold in the center of the image., and a ghost of the type setting from the back of the sheet, typical of these. This is probably the very best of the Wood engravings done of Homers work in the 19th century. The image measures 13 1/2X20 1/2 inches. A few light creases but overall very presentable as it now appears, archivally framed. Beautifully presented.

"A Gale at Fecamp, Normandie"

This is a rare original etching by American 19th century artist Stephen Parrish. The title of this work is "A Gale at Fecamp,Normandie" It was created and printed in 1886. This was Parrish's only etching with such complete remarques all around the central image. The etching measures 13 3/4X15 3/4 inches. The remarques show all of the life and memories of Parrish's trip to France in the 1880's. This etching is hand signed in pencil and is a vary scarce image. It appears in the Schneider catalog as image number 117.

The Rag Gatherers

This is a very fine impression of the well known Whistler etching, "The Rag Gatherers", created and printed in 1857, this etching is plate signed, on the right side of the image. The image measures 6X3 1/2 inches. It is the fifth state of 5 with the edition of the two children in the interior space. This etching came to us framed with the Kennedy Galleries label on the back. Excellent condition, apparently printed on an antique laid type paper.

Gleaning from the Wreck, Montauk

This is an original mezzotint etching by American artist Thomas Moran. The title of this work is: "A Wreck Montauk", also known as "Montauk Point: Gleaning from the Wreck"
The image measures 6X 7 7/8 inches. It was created and printed in 1886. The artists name is within the plate lower right. A very rich and expressive inking. Printed on a laid type paper.

The Passaic Meadows

This is an original etching by American artist Mary Nimmo Moran (1842-1899) Mary was the wife of well known artist Thomas Moran. The title of this work is "Passaic Meadows"
It was created and printed in 1879. This etching is plated signed within the image lower right. The image measures 5 1/2X7 1/4 inches. Printed on a medium weight laid type paper

Evening Gloucester, 1883

This is a fine hand signed etching by American Artist Stephen Parrish. The title of this work is "Evening, Gloucester, 1883". The image measures 8 5/8X14 inches. This image appears in the Schneider catalog as image number 77. "To the right of the mast is the tower of the 1869 City Hall, still standing, Next to the right is the sharply pointed spire of the Baptist church, now gone. At the far right are the buildings of the Rocky Neck Marine Railways." Fine use of plate tone in the sky and sea.

Franklin at the Court of France, 1778

This is an extremely large hand colored engraving by William Overend Geller, after the painting by Baron Jolly. This engraving is titled: "Franklin at the Court of France, 1778". It was published in Philadelphia in 1853. The image measures 27 1/2X 37 3/4 inches on a sheet size of 31 1/2X40 inches. This engraving was originally sold with the edition of hand coloring in watercolor. The colors are very rich, the sheet is linen backed but in very good condition. Sold unframed.


This is an original etching by American artist James Whistler. The title of this work is "Billingsgate, it was created in 1859, this impression is Viii/Viii. The last and final state.
Printed circa 1878. The image measures 5 7/8X8 7/8 inches. It appears in the Kennedy cat. as image number 47. Printed on a buff toned laid type paper. This etching is signed only in the plate. Very nice condition ..

Gloucester Harbor

This is an original pencil signed etching by American artist Stephen Parrish. This etching titled: "Gloucester Harbor", also known as "Rainy Day Gloucester", was created and printed in 1882. It is a rare work, one of the few that Parrish did after another artists composition. This was after the painting by W.M. Hunt. Hunt's initials are etched into the plate lower left. The image measures 13 1/8X19 3/4 inches. Printed on a simulated parchment wove type paper, laid onto a thicker sheet. This is an early signed proof but done without the sailboat remarque .