Recent Acquisitions

The Farmers wife


This is a fine original oil on canvas painting by American artist Charles Paul Gruppe (1860-1940) This study of a Farmwife at work was created circa 1880 prior to his moving to the USA in 1914. It is signed "Gruppe" lower right corner. The canvas measures 10X14 inches and came to us in what appears to be the original frame with the gallery label on the back: "Goupils" This well known New York painting dealer opened his gallery in 1848 and was later bought out by Knoedler. This was one of the earliest galleries in the USA to promote American as well as european paintings. The over all frame size measrues 18 1/2X22 1/2 inches. The painting came to us under glass which weve since removed. The painting is in extremely fine condition, no repairs,tears or staining. The frame has a few minor losses and scrapes, over all the painting is quite presentable just as it now appears.

Two Bridges,N.Y.


This is an original etching of New York City by American artist Harold Kerr Eby. The title of this work is : "Two Bridges", it shows the Brooklyn bridge in the foreground and the Manhattan Bridge to the left, also known as the George Washington Bridge. This etching was created and printed in 1930, it was in an edition of 90 signed proofs.
The image measures 7 15/16X14 15 1/16 inches. The print is clearly signed in pencil with Ebys "imp" after the signature which means he printed this impression himself.

The Fris, Hamstead Heath


This is an original pencil signed aquatint etching by American artist John Wesley Cotton (1868-1931) The title of this work is "The Fris, Hamstead Heath", circa 1920 this etching has an image size of 14 14X11 3/8 inches, this etching came to us framed and has an early gallery label on the back from Campbell Prints in New York. The condition is good, the image looks darker in our photo due to shooting through the glass.

Portrait of Charles X


This is an engraving of Charles X of France, created by Adolphe Caron, circa 1800's, identified as an "India Proof before letters", The image measures 16 3/8X9 3/8 inches. lower border,"Grave por Adolphe Caron...

Combat de la Hougue,Portrait of Tourville


This is an early engraving by Pierre Adrien Le Beau, Portrait of Tourville, one of the principal chiefs of the navy of Louis XIV with a small representation of the Battle of La Hougue in 1692. Circa 1790 this engraving has an image size of 7 1/4X4 1/2 inches, tipped onto a backing board with french mat.

Going Fishing


This is an original etching, hand signed in pencil and dedicated in the artists hand, but who the artist is remains a mystery. It looks very similar to the work of Southern artist Alfred Hutty. It shows a black man going fishing, walking along the edge of a stream. The image measures 4X6 inches, printed on a medium weight wove type paper. We estimate this work to be circa 1930. Over all very nice condition.

The Lobster Fisherman


This is an original etching by American modernist artist John Marin (1870-1953) The title of this work is "The Lobster Fisherman". It was created and printed in 1948. This is a rare pencil signed early proof. The image measures 8 3/4X7 inches. This etching was later reprinted in a large unsigned edition. Nice use of plate tone in the sky and sea.
“From 1899 to 1901, Marin attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia. In Philadelphia he studied with Thomas Pollock Anshutz and William Merritt Chase. He also studied at the Art Students League of New York.[
In 1909, Marin held his first one-man exhibition at Alfred Stieglitz's 291 gallery in New York City. He had been introduced to Stieglitz by the photographer Edward Steichen. Marin's association with Stieglitz would last nearly forty years, and Stieglitz's philosophical and financial support would prove essential.[5] From 1909 until his death in 1946, Stieglitz showed Marin's work almost every year in one of his galleries.[6] Marin also participated in the landmark 1913 Armory Show.[3]
Marin spent his first summer in Maine in 1914 and almost immediately the rocky coast there became one of his favorite subjects. Over the rest of his life, Marin became intimately familiar with the many moods of the sea and sky in Maine”

Loading Corn, Shucking Corn


This is a very fine original lithograph by American Regionalist artist Thomas Hart Benton. The title of this work is "Loading Corn", which was later to be the subject of his well known painting,"Shucking Corn". This pencil signed lithograph has an image size of 10 1/4 X 13 1/4 inches. This lithograph was created and published by Associated American Artists in New York, the edition was 250 signed proofs. This lithograph is in exceptional condition....This image created and printed in 1945 appears in the Fath catalog as image number 65...

Wild Geese


This is an original Maxfield Parrish Chromolithograph titled: "Wild Geese", it was created and printed in 1924 and sold by House of Art, There is a copyright Reinthal and Newman, N.Y. lower right corner. This image came in just one size: 11 3/4X14 3/4 inches. Very nice condition in the original House of art frame.



This is an original chromolithograph published by House of Art in 1927. This Maxfield Parrish is titled: " The Hilltop", this came to us in the original frame, it was created in three sizes, this one is the largest with an image size of 30X18 inches. It has the publishers name in the lower right corner of the image. With very rich colors, this image has not faded but looks quite fresh.

Chad's Place


This is an original pencil signed etching by American Artist Sam Thal. The title of this work is ""Chad's Place", it was created circa 1945 and sold through Associated American Artists in New York. The image measures 8 3/4X11 3/4 inches.

Breton Types


This is an original wood engraving by American artist Grace Albee. The title of this work is "Breton Types", circa 1940 this wood engraving has an image size of 2 3/16X3 3/16 inches. It is unsigned but does have the artists estate stamp lower left border. Printed on a thin Japan type paper.