La Belle Au Bois Dormat

This is an original Louis Icart hand colored etching. It is titled: "La Belle Au Bois Dormant" Sleeping Beauty. It was created and printed in 1927. It is hand signed in pencil, has the artists windmill blindstamp and the appropriate copy right information in the upper right border. Very fine condition apart from some uneven trimming of the outer border but well away from the image area. This etching is unframed and unmatted.


This is an original pencil signed hand colored etching by French artist Louis Icart. The title is: "Fumee", Smoke. It was created and printed in 1926. It has the windmill blindstamp lower left border and the appropriate copyright inscriptions. The image measures 14 1/8X19 1/8 inches. Very rich color and inking, there is an apparent repair in the lower left of the image, unobtrusive. This etching is framed with archival materials.

The Rag Gatherers

This is a very fine impression of the well known Whistler etching, "The Rag Gatherers", created and printed in 1857, this etching is plate signed, on the right side of the image. The image measures 6X3 1/2 inches. It is the fifth state of 5 with the edition of the two children in the interior space. This etching came to us framed with the Kennedy Galleries label on the back. Excellent condition, apparently printed on an antique laid type paper.

Environs De Rome

This is a fine example of the important etching by Jean Baptiste Corot. This etching is titled: Enviorns De Rome, it was created in 1866, this proof is the second state A. of three. Printed on Holland Paper, This printing had the addresses of:" Cadart and Luquet Editeurs, 79 Rue St Jacques 303 Paris" A rich impression, Catalog Delteil 6 II/III. Framed, previously sold by Kennedy Galleries in New York. The image size measures 11 1/4X8 1/2 inches.

Snow Fields

This is an original etching by American artist Kerr Eby. The title is "Snow Fields", it was created and printed in 1924, the scene was most likely Westport or Cos Cob Connecticut. The image measures 7 7/16X12 3/4 inches. Pencil signed lower right with the "imp" after his name meaning that he printed this proof himself. This image appears in the Giardina catalog as image number 92. Printed on a medium weight laid type paper.

L'Epingle A Chapeau, The Hat Pin

A fine example of the Drypoint work of French artist Jacques VIllon. The title of this work is :"L'Epingle A Chapeau", the hat pin. This image was created and printed in 1909. The image is editioned lower left as 12/20. A rare image. The drypoint measures 15X12 inches, printed on a medium weight, watermarked, laid type paper. very fine condition, a rich impression showing a velvet burr of ink throughout the figure.
This drypoint is clearly signed in pencil by the artist lower right border.


This is an original pencil signed etching by French artist Jacques Villon. The title of this work is: "Maternite", it was created and printed in 1952, it is editioned as 15/75. The image measures 11X7 1/2 inches.
Framed, in very fine condition.

Shooting Geese

A fine original etching by American Sporting artist Alden Lassell Ripley. The title of this work is "Goose Shooting", created circa 1930, this etching is hand signed and titled in pencil lower border. The image is quite large, it measures 8 1/2X13 3/4 inches. This etching appears in the Lamb catalog as image number 64. A rich impression showing platetone in the water and sky, nice use of drypoint as well.

On the Test

This is a very fine original etching and drypoint by British artist Sir Francis Seymour Haden. The title of this work is "On the Test", state VI/VIII. This etching was created in 1859 and its subject is one of the famous Trout streams in Hampshire. The image measures 5 15/16X 8 15/16 inches, pencil signed lower right and also signed in the plate. This appears in the Schneiderman catalog as image number 24.

Au Marais inonde le Berger

This is an original etching by French artist Auguste Lepere. The title of this work is: "Au Marais inode le Berger", In the Deluged Marsh. THis etching was created and printed in 1911 in an edition of 50. THis one is numbered as 27/50. The image measures 7 3/4X9 1/2 inches. It was last sold by Keppel in New York and came to us in the original frame with the Keppel label on the back. A very fine example of Lepere at his best, showing the Peasants working in the Marais district of Paris.