The Landing

Original pencil signed drypoint etching by American artist Frank Benson 1862-1951. The title of this work is "The Landing", created and printed in 1915 in an edition of only 50. The image measures 7 1/4X11 1/4 inches. Printed on Shogun watermarked paper. The etching appears in the Ordeman catalog as image number 70. The setting of this image was Fox Island on Penobscot Bay. Excellent condition matted not framed. Editioned as 46/50.

Christmas Trees

This is an original etching by Connecticut artist Kerr Eby. This image is titled: "Christmas Trees", it was created and printed in 1940 and has the "imp" after the artists pencil signature which means that he personally printed this proof in his studio. The image measures 9 1/4X12 3/4 inches in an edition of 100. Eby was known to experiment with various printing effects, in this image he left a skim coat of ink in the sky to show the atmosphere and depth of the space. A beautiful work, a true depiction of life in New England.

The Doryman

This is an original hand signed etching by American master Kerr Eby. It is titled: "The Doryman", a fine view of the fisherman coming home at the end of the day. The image measures 9 13/16X14 15/16 inches. This image was created by combining etching with sandpaper ground to achieve this expressive effect. It was created in an edition of 100 signed proofs in 1940 and appears in the Eby catalog as image G-200.

Opera House, Vienna

This is an original color aquatint etching by well known Austrian artist Luigi Kasimir. The title of this work is Vienna Opera House. One of several views of this building that Kasimir produced during his lifetime. This etching was created and printed in 1931. Kasimir was the well known artist who traveled the world and created these views. His technique involved using multiple plates to get the differing colors. Frequently using up to 4 unique plates in one image. This image measures 17 3/4X15 1/4 inches. It is hand signed in pencil and dated reversed lower right corner.

Folies Bergeres II

This is an original etching by French Artist Jean Louis Forain(1852-1931) The title of this work is "The Folies Bergere II" This etching was created in the 1880's. Signed in the plate upper left corner. The image measures 4 X 5 3/4 inches. This etching is not hand signed in pencil. Excellent condition printed on a medium weight wove type paper, full borders, matted not framed.

Portrait of Maurice Denis

Original etching and aquatint Portrait of Maurice Denis by French artist Joseph Roux-Champion. This etching is signed in the plate by Denis and Roux Champion, printed on a medium weight laid type paper. We are unsure as to the date, circa 1930. The image measures 7X9 1/4 inches. Excellent Condition, wide borders, deckeled edges.
No pencil signature on this etching

Solitaire,en cette view d'embuches

This is an original etching by French master Georges Rouault. The title is "Solitaire, en cette vie d'embuches et de malices. It was created and printed in 1922 as plate 5 in the Miserere series. This image appears to be an early proof of the etching that was later printed by Vollard. The image measures 22 3/4X16 1/2 inches.It appears in the Wofsy catalog as image number 112. This etching was never hand signed in pencil by the artist.

The Swan

This is an original etching by Scandinavian artist Anders Zorn 1860-1920. The title of this piece is "The Swan", (Svanen) It was created and printed in 1915, one of his most impressive of the nude bather series of his etchings. The image mesures 9 3/4X 7 5/8 inches. Printed on a laid paper with an extensive crown watermark. The etching is signed and dated lower right and also hand signed in pencil in the lower right border. Fine condition, wide borders all around, a very slight line of toning where an early window mat lay, not visible in the new matting.

Chantez Matines le Jour Renait

This is an original etching, and aquatint by French master Georges Rouault. The title of this work is "Chantez Matines,le jour renait"< (Sing Matins, a new day is born) This etching was created in 1922 as part of the Miserere series. This is plate number 29. It was published by Vollard in an edition of 450. It is signed lower left corner of the image. This etching was never pencil signed. It appears in the C& R catalog as number 82d., The image measures 20 X 14 5/8 inches. Nice condition, a line of toning in the border from an earlier window mat.

Sunt lacrymae rerum

This is an original etching by French Master Georges Rouault. The title of this work is: "Sunt lacrymae rerum " ( There are tears in things ) This etching and aquatint was created for the Miserere series in 1926 as image number 27. . The platemark measures 24 1/4 17 1/2 inches. It was published in an edition of 450 on arches wove type paper by Ambroise Vollard. His Vollard watermark appears in the sheet. The etching is signed and dated in the image in the lower right. This etching was never hand signed by the artist.