Recent Acquisitions



This is an original color lithograph by American artist Leonard Baskin (1922-2000) The title of this work is "Rachel", it was created and printed in 1976 in an edition of only 100. The image is quite large measuring 37 1/2X26 inches. It is currently framed. Pencil signed lower right within the edge of the image.

Portrait of a young girl picking flowers


This is an original oil on canvas painting of a Young Woman picking Flowers. The painting is signed lower right, it reads "Hildebrandt", the first initials are a bit rubbed and so hard to read. We are attributing this work to Howard Hildebrandt the American artist who was known to paint similar works. The painting measures 30X25 inches and comes in a victorian period picture frame. There are a few spots of touch up mostly at the bottom of her dress and the upper edge of the sky. The painting could use a light cleaning but is very presentable just as it now appears.

Anna Comitissa De Bedford


This is an original copper engraving by Pierre Lombard (1613-1682) It is a portrait of "Anna Comitissa De Bedford", The wife of William the Fifth, Earl of Bedford.
This engraving circa 1660 was a copy of the Van Dyck painting at Woburn Abbey The platemark measures 13 7/8X9 1/2 inches. This engraving is tipped to a thicker mounting sheet with collectors annotations on the bottom.

S. Chunegundis Augusta


This is an original engraving by Raphael Sadeler (1560-1628) The title of this work is "S. Chvenegvndis Avgvsta" Created and printed in circa 1600. Printed on an early laid paper the image measures 9 3/4X7 1/2 inches. Thread margins on the edges, Identified in typeset upper and lower margins.

Victoria Colonna


This is an original pencil signed etching by Feliks S. Jasinski. It is titled" Victoria Colonna" This etching was created after a painting by the Pre-Raphaelite artist
Jules Lefeb. The image measures 10 1/4X7 3/4 inches, the plate mark measures 15X11 1/2 inches. Signed lower right and remarqued with a profile portrait of a woman lower left. Printed on a medium weight laid type paper.

Portrait of a Noblewoman


This is an original mezzotint by European artist Wallerand Vaillant (1623-1677) This is a portrait of a woman of wealth, it was created and printed circa 1670. The image measures 12 1/2X10 1/2 inches. It is plate signed in the lower right border. Vaillant was one of the first old master printmakers to use the technique of mezzotint. Printed on an early laid type paper.

Gothic Doorway


Mystery artist, not able to identify this artist. An original pencil signed lithograph of a Gothic Doorway. It appears to be signed, Julien Lacare lower right in pencil.
It is not an artist we know. The image measures 11 1/2X8 inches.

Zacharie Astruc


This is an original plate signed etching by French artist Felix Bracquemond. It is titled: Zacharie Astruc, This etching was published by Cadart in Paris. The image measures 6X5 1/4 inches, printed on a large sheet of watermarked laid type paper.

Protecting the Homestead


This is an original charcoal drawing by American illustrator Karl Godwin (1893-1962) This drawing showing a woman holding a rifle and protecting her homestead. The drawing measures 11 3/4X15 3/4 inches, It is clearly signed lower right corner. The drawing is laid down between boards but is very presentable just as it appears.
Godwin was one of the illustrators for readers digest.

View of a Fountain


This is an interesting original drawing of a european fountain, it is unsigned but certainly reminds one of a number of post impressionist artists. We are unable to tell where this image occurred but it shows many people strolling around the Fountain. It is pencil, charcoal and whiting. The image measures 12X15 inches, drawing on a thin japan type paper tipped to a cardboard backing.

Wolfeboro, N.H.


This is an original hand signed etching by American artist Sam Thal. The title of this work is "Wolfeboro, N.H." It was originally sold by Assciated American Artists in New York. The image measures 9 X 11 7/8 inches. Printed on a medium weight Rives watermarked wove type paper. This image appears in the Reese book American Prize Prints of the 20th Century. It was awarded the third Purchase Prize from the Library of Congress in 1945.

Winter Night


Evelynne Mess

Founder of Indiana Society of Printmakers

This is an original aquatint etching by American artist Evelynne Mess (1903-2003. Mess was one of the founders of the Indiana Society of Printmakers. This etching is titled: Winter Night, it has an image size of 6 X 4 1/8 inches, printed on a textured wove type paper.

Back from the Beach


This is an original etching by American artist Melville T Wire titled: "Back from the Beach", it has an image size of 7 3/4X9 3/4 inches. It is hand signed and titled in the lower border. This etching was originally sold through Associated American Artists in New York.



This is an original hand signed lithograph by American artist Georges Schreiber. The title of this work is: "Noon", showing a Farmer stopping for lunch. This lithograph was created and printed in 1939 in an edition of 250, published by Assoicated American Artists in New York. The image measures 9 1/4X13 1/4 inches.